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"Can You Stand the Rain" tea is ideal for keeping you on your mission to impact the world! The amazing smell and taste of licorice proves that this potent blend of tea works overtime to safeguard during the toughest seasons. This is THAT tea that performers and public speakers should have on deck daily!

Ingredients Include: Mullein and Anise blend

Sweetener recommendations: Local Honey or “The Beat” Non-GMO Beet Sugar Rocks.

* Please consult with your health and wellness physician 

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Welcome to STARCAST TEA.

StarCast Tea’s #1 Initiative is to target the complete Mind, Body, and Soul Wellness of the Creative Arts & Entertainment Community world wide.

Why Choose Us.

We understand the physical and mental wear and tear that the business of Arts and Entertainment may pose on Creatives.

Along with our wealth of experience in the Arts and our growing knowledge of farming and growing herbs, we still thought it not robbery to team up with TeaBrew farm, the scientific brain behind our operation, so that we may bring a stellar product to Creatives around the world.

Natural Farm
Tea (NFT)

We've partnered with TeaBrew Farm- "plants grown without the use of pesticides" and "organically grown herbs in our blends."

Creative Arts and Entertainment Inspired

Our Mission is to combat the physical and mental wear and tear that life and the business of Arts and Entertainment may pose.

Family Lineage

Our founder's family of legendary musicians coupled with the influence of her husband, who she met in their early years as a Farmer's Apprentice, has influenced much research and a partnership with TeaBrew Farm to learn and acquire herbs and creatively designed blends tailored for the optimal health and wealth benefits for Artists. Today, StarCast Tea Farm is currently under construction for a Spring 2022 debut.


Our founder Tiffany Ghent has traveled the world and has spent over two decades as a professional vocalist, musician, and entertainer and knows the first-hand physical and mental effects that business for artists and the creative process can present.

Customer Reviews.

Tea With Tiff.

Dive into the exclusive talk show where the host, Tiffany, discusses womanhood, family, the entertainment industry, travel, and of course TEA!

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