About Us.

StarCast Tea is organically designed to aid and promote the Health and Wellness of Creative Artists and Entertainers all over the world.

About StarCast Tea.

Our founder Tiffany Ghent has traveled the world and has spent over two decades as a professional vocalist, musician, and entertainer. Having been born and raised in a family of legendary singers, performers, and musicians, Tiffany discovered the need to support her family and industry peers with Health and Wellness products to combat the physical and mental wear and tear that the business of music and entertainment may impose. This compelled her to study the international business of entertainment in hopes of finding a unique opportunity to share the importance of sustainability in art, health, and finances.


In 2015, Tiffany met her her husband who at the time was a Farmer’s Apprentice, and now an accredited Farmer under the 100 percent Naturally grown certification. The couple interned with Local Land Organically Grown Gardens and learned much about both gardening and commercial farming.  It was through this opportunity that the couple thought it not robbery to team up with the science experts of TeaBrew Farm for reinforcement.  After much consideration, the team decided to focus on the niche market of Creative Arts and Entertainment. The products are strategically designed to aid and promote the Health and Wellness in Mind, Body, and Soul for this core group. Today, StarCast Tea Farm is coming to fruition with much love and support for the brilliant minds and creatives that surround them. StarCat Team Farm debit is in Spring of 2022.

Get your Star Health and Wellness support today with StarCast Tea.

StarCast Tea is organically designed to aid, and promote the Health and Wellness of Singers and Public Speakers all over the world.

Medicinal Teas.

StarCast Tea Medicinal tea selection contains a blend of organically​ grown tea and herbs with dynamic healing properties.

Say goodbye to headaches, insomnia or combat the cold and flu virus with StarCast Tea’s top shelf medicinal selection.

Herbal Teas.

If you are a Singer, Public Speaker or in a business that requires you to spend much time speaking or entertaining, we’ve got just the tea you need to help you to sustain.

Whether it’s for vocal healing and care or just the need to relax an over-the-counter mind, select the finest of naturally grown herbs blended with both caffeinated or decaffeinated tea just for you! StarCast Herbal Teas can be used daily for supplementing a rigorous schedule. Try at least one StarCast Herbal Tea today!

Creative Consulting.

Services By Tiffany Ghent.

Dear Star,

My team and I are here to help you SHOW the WORLD what we know lies deep down inside! If you are a Singer, Musician, Band, Dancer, Spoken Word or Rap Artist, we are ready to help you reach for your STAR!

Tiffany believes that real STARS are those who have developed the ability to authentically service others with their gifts and talents in a way that changes the lives of every person that he or she encounters.  Tiffany has formed a dynamic team of skilled experts in the areas of Voice, Performance, Health and Wellness, and Finance to assist in developing or rehabilitating artists who strive to be LIGHT in dark places.